The megastar, Tom Cruise is renowned for performing most of the tricky stunts himself. This 55-years-old actor was severely injured while jumping across the building for the sixth installment of Mission: Impossible.

“The Mummy” actor seen limping after MI:6 stunt

According to the website WJLA, the leading actor of Hollywood appeared to miscarry his stunt in London on Sunday, which was captured by a WENN photographer. In a video footage obtained by TMZ, Cruise appeared to perform his building to building jump but unfortunately hit the wall and left hanging in midair for few moments.

The jump was short but it seems like age has taken its heavy toll on his stunt work. Climbing up the wall and getting back on his feet, he was seen shambling and then collapsed onto the rooftop in front of the crew. Filming was paused as the members of on-set safety team started checking out Cruise. Although London is not the only place where “The Mummy” actor was spotted filming, the famous star also appeared to be filming in New Zealand as he shared a picture of himself in the Pacific country.

Historical stunts for previous installments of Mission: Impossible

In 2011, a death-defying stunt by Cruise held the audience, when he jumped onto the top of Dubai's tallest building - Burj Khalifa Tower.

In 2015, Cruise as Ethan Hunts turned the movie’s initial sequence as one of the main selling points for the film by performing a perilous stunt. The scene featured Cruise hanging onto an Airbus 400 as it taxies down a runway and then takes off, which later became the main source for film’s marketing. According to an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Robert Elswit, the film’s director of photography said: “It’s pretty damn crazy”.

He further explained, “There’s no digital Tom, there’s no fake plane. He’s really strapped to an Airbus”. This jaw-dropping stunt of Cruise kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Mission: Impossible franchise fans

Franchise fans are expecting to have at least one more daring stunt for Cruise's upcoming blockbuster. Anyhow, it is really disturbing for fans.

Cruise unplanned stunt can be seen in a video by TMZ. It is literally cringe-worthy to watch. As of now, director Christopher McQuarrie has returned for Mission: Impossible 6, featuring Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett and Alec Baldwin in the film. This new installment for Mission Impossible is set to hit theaters next summer.