Tinsley Mortimer was brand new to "The Real Housewives of New York" this year and she was a breath of fresh air. Tinsley had returned from Florida as she was trying to find herself again after getting arrested and charged with trespassing. Mortimer was embarrassed that she had gotten arrested, so she wanted to come back to New York so she could start over. Tinsley wanted to have a fresh start, but she wasn't sure where to live. She accepted a temporary room at Sonja Morgan's house and she was thankful for the help. While living at Sonja's place, Tinsley met Scott - a friend of Carole Radziwill.

According to a new Instagram post, Tinsley Mortimer revealed that things are still going great with Scott. On her Instagram page, Tinsley has been sharing many great photos of them together and it sounds like this romance is one that will last for a while. In the reunion special for "The Real Housewives of New York," Mortimer revealed that she and Scott are actually planning a future together.

Moving in together

In "The Real Housewives of New York," Tinsley Mortimer revealed that she and Scott were planning on moving in together. Even though Scott has a business in Chicago and Tinsley only has the reality show in New York, the two are moving in together in the big city. Perhaps they realized that Tinsley was making great money from the Bravo show and she should continue to film the show with her co-stars.

Of course, Tinsley Mortimer hasn't been asked back by Bravo just yet, as this season hasn't officially wrapped yet. There is still another episode left, as the third reunion special will air this week on Bravo. However, one can imagine that Mortimer will return to the show if she's asked as she and Scott will be living in New York.

The future and 'RHONY'

Mortimer has revealed that she feels Scott is the one for her. Even though she's in her 40s, she still wants a child. When marriage was brought up, Tinsley did look a bit scared, but she still wants a baby. One has to wonder if Scott will be willing to get married and have children sooner rather than later.

Maybe they are both ready to tackle this next chapter together. One thing is for sure; fans love seeing Tinsley happy with Scott and they are very excited for her that she has been able to find love and move on from Sonja's townhouse.

What do you think of Tinsley Mortimer's comments about Scott on her social media? Are you surprised that things are going so well with them?