The Weeknd is the famous onstage persona of singer Abel Tesfaye. The singer recently revealed that he is thinking of changing in name and fans were shocked at the announcement. While it has not yet been confirmed that the singer is going to be changing his name it appears that he is leaning towards this direction. The Weeknd opened up about the decision and his thoughts on the potential change.

A change in stage name

According to the Toronto Sun, The Weeknd is considering changing his stage name and fans are shocked. The star was asked to consider a change in name in the run up to his new album and has stated that he is seriously considering the change.

The star has become a huge success in the music industry as his alter ego The Weeknd, and appears to be ready to make a change.

When talking with Bazaar Magazine, The Weeknd stated that if he were to change his stage name he would be pulling a Ziggy Stardust, the persona used by David Bowie. However, the singer has not yet confirmed that he will be changing his name for good and has expressed an interest in giving the title a break for a while.

According to Just Jared, The Weeknd has not revealed whether or not he will be using his current stage name for his upcoming album. Fans are wondering if the star will wait a bit longer before he makes the decision about his name, however, as The Weeknd does not like to reveal much about himself there is still a question mark over his title.

The Weeknd likes the sense of mystery to his character

According to Hello Giggles, The Weeknd has stated that the public does not know him by his real name and that he likes the sense of mystery that this adds to his on stage persona. He stated that he is in no hurry to have everyone knowing everything about him and that a change of pace might be good for him.

According to Just Jared, the star remains extremely private about his Personal Life and that the only thing he shares with the world is his music. The Weeknd addressed these claims and stated that he was happy with the way things were. The singer has remained silent about his relationship with fellow artist Selena Gomez but his girlfriend has publicly stated that things are going very well between the pair.

In an interview with Bazaar Magazine, The Weeknd revealed that he is not considering using his real name as his on Stage Persona. He clearly wants to keep his career and his personal life separate and over the past few years has managed to find this balance exactly as he wanted it.

Neither The Weeknd nor his representatives have made any further comments on the situation. Fans will have to wait until the singer’s next album is released to see if he is using an alternative persona.