The first season ofThe Night Of has been praised and acclaimed by the television shows’ critics for the different kind of theme it has. It has been a year since the miniseries ended, so fans are now waiting for HBO to renew the crime drama for a second season.

In separate interviews with the Hollywood Reporter, Bill Camp, who played the role of Dennis Box, talked about Naz Khan’s (Riz Ahmed) alleged crime while John Turturro, who portrayed Jack Stone, discussed the possibility of “The Night Of” Season 2. Will fans soon see their return to the small screen?

The second chapter’s possibility

John Turturro revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that he is hoping to see “The Night Of” Season 2’s on television. In fact, he teased that there are now talks about it.

“We’ve been talking. So we’ll see,” the 60-year-old star said.

If ever a second chapter comes, “The Big Lebowski” star admitted that he would be very interested in reprising his role. He felt that Naz has offered “something really rich” to the television show’s viewers, so he is looking forward that the talks will come to fruition.

The HBO president of programming Casey Bloys himself even revealed that the network is also interested in making a new season. In fact, they are just waiting for new ideas to come out from the series’ creators.

Turturro’s take on his role

To recall, in the first season of the eight-part television series, John Turturro played as Naz’s, the Pakistani/Iranian-American college student who was wrongfully accused of murder.

"He's a wonderful a character," he continued to say to the Hollywood Reporter.

At the end of the television show, he confessed that he didn’t get bored at all.

In fact, he revealed that he can just keep portraying his role. He even got an Emmy nomination for best actor in a limited series or a movie for his stint as an unconventional legal representative. He even told the publication about the challenges he had to take in playing the character, acting “opposite a cat,” and the weird reactions he received because of his role’s skin condition.

Camp on Naz’s imprisonment

Bill Camp also earned his first Emmy nomination in portraying the role of Dennis Box in the first season of “The Night Of.”

In a separate interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the “Broadway” actor discussed his real feelings about Naz’s imprisonment.

“I don’t think he did it,” he said. He explained that there was a subtle clue in the television show’s first episode that made it clear that he was innocent. He was talking about the scene where Naz was in his apartment before he split. Although it might be irrelevant because of the narrative’s vagueness, he firmly believed that he didn’t do it.