The FlashSeason 4 will start without Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in action. It can be recalled that the Central City superhero sacrificed himself to the Speed Force, leaving Team Flash to operate without the Flash.

Meanwhile, San Diego Comic-con International 2017 has been a delight to every fan. Aside from this, plenty of outlets took the chance to interview the Flash panel, including Comic Book. The outlet had an exclusive interview with the entire cast who are set to return for the fourth season.

What to expect in ‘The Flash’ Season 4

According to the earlier source, Gustin explained in the interview that the series will pick up six months after Flash was stuck in the Speed Force.

Unfortunately, this is the farthest he can reveal about the role. In addition to this, the rest of the cast members teased about new villains, new storylines, and where things will begin when season 4 returns.

On the other hand, Candice Patton who plays the role of Iris West explained Team Flash is trying to keep things intact at STAR Labs despite Allen’s absence. Of course, we all know that aside from being a hero, Barry is also the love of her life. This is why she has to make herself emotionally strong with all that is happening.

Moreover, Iris West will assume the responsibility of being the team leader. While it is sad that Barry Allen had to be somewhere else, Iris believes in keeping the Central City safe, regardless.

As for the City’s Speedster, Kid Flash took over his senior’s duty for now.

The beginning of the season will be tough not only for Iris but for the rest of the characters. Patton admitted that it is going to be hard not having Barry Allen around. Adding fuel to the sadness is the death of Tom Cavanagh’s H.R. Wells.

Cavanagh may have other doppelganger roles from different parts of the multiverse but H.R.

Wells has distinct characters that will be surely missed.

Bigger roles, bigger responsibilities

As what a famous superhero quote says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Viewers should expect an intense evolution among the characters. The low-key roles in the series are about to take new roles and responsibilities, which need a lot of commitment.

Moreover, Barry Allen might take a journey to evolution as well in the Speed Force. It is expected that his journey would lead the series into a perfect Season 4 of “The Flash.” Stay tuned for more TV series updates and share thoughts in the comment section below!