New spoilers for "The Bold and the Beautiful" for the next two weeks reveal huge changes among the characters. This week on August 14-18, it has been revealed that Eric will experience new feelings as he hears the story from both Quinn and Sheila. Meanwhile, spoilers also reveal that Quinn will want Sheila to stay away from their life; however, Eric will feel pity towards her.

Sheila lives like a princess

According to the recent spoilers from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Sheila will feel at ease when Eric started to cater to her. She will feel like a princess who will be living in the mansion of Eric.

Meanwhile, spoilers further reveal that having Sheila stayed with Eric will make Quinn, Ridge, and Brooke think that it is definitely not a good idea.

The three no longer care about the injury which Sheila has on her head. But what they are after of is the fact that Sheila doesn't deserve to live together with the Forrester. On the other hand, Eric will choose not to listen from the negativity he hears from Quinn. Perhaps, he will stick to his decision of repaying Sheila for all her kindness on him.

Liam to face opposition

As "The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes continue this week, it was also revealed through spoilers that Liam will have to face some oppositions from his loved ones. It was further revealed that Liam wanted to tell Thomas about the whole truth about Caroline.

However, Steffy and Bill will go against him on his plans.

Hence, Liam will be featured to conduct his own enlightening interview. He will also try to find out how much Sally would want to achieve all her goals in Spectra in order to stay with Thomas. Meanwhile, spoilers also reveal that Steffy will give Bill a warning about Liam's plans.

Apparently, Steffy will urge Bill to take his drastic actions since Liam might be blowing everything up against Bill's dreams.

Bill's new plan

On the next week for "The Bold and the Beautiful," spoilers reveal that Bill will have to take his new plans.

He will do his best in order to place Spectra Fashion out of the line. Further, Bill will also believe that his plans will work best this time.

Meanwhile, another spoiler hints that the tension will remain high in between Liam and Steffy. Liam will appear more supportive of Sally and Steffy will feel the tension about it. It seemed that marriage issues are also expected to happen in the upcoming episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" this week.

On the other hand, Steffy will feel that Liam is already going against her. She will feel that Liam is more of becoming her enemy rather than her supporter. Find out more as "The Bold and the Beautiful" episodes air this week!