Teen Wolf Season 6, Episode 13 will debut this week on MTV. The upcoming episode is titled “After Images” and it sees what happens after the arrival of Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan). Simultaneously, the hunt for Brett (Cody Saintgnue) continues.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers].

Fans must note that “After Images” marks Tyler Posey’s directorial debut. The “Teen Wolf” star has played the role of the original character Scott McCall since the series was launched in the year 2011.

'After Images' trailer

In the previous episode, Gerard Argent, Allison’s grandfather, and a werewolf hunter made a surprising return.

The next episode will explore Gerard’s storyline and it is expected to reveal the reason why this significant character has returned to Beacon Hills.

Meanwhile, the trailer for “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 13 suggests that Brett is still on the run. Gerard and Tamora continue their hunt for Brett. The clip shows Brett running after being hit with an arrow from Tamora’s rifle. Brett’s attempt to get back at Gerard and Tamora miserably fails and he finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Gerard’s return to Beacon Hills means more trouble for the pack. The sneak peek by MTV reveals Gerard’s big plan. In the clip, Gerard tells Tamora that he is building an army to hunt them all. Watch the trailer for “After Images” below.

What happens in 'After Images'

According to Spoiler TV’s official description for “Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 13, the upcoming episode focuses on the search for the missing werewolf. Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), Malia (Shelley Hennig) come together to find one of their own. It is speculated that the missing werewolf the pack is looking for is Brett.

Another sneak peek by MTV, titled “The Hunt for Brett,” shows how Brett becomes Gerard and Tamora’s target. The werewolf hunters continue to look for him in the woods.

In addition, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) and Chris (J.R. Bourne) investigate a strange body that was discovered by lacrosse players in the previous episode. The body is taken to Beacon Hills Memorial hospital where Melissa and Argent spend time analyzing the reason why the body deformed so badly.

This is the first time Melissa and Chris will be coming together for an investigation since they shared a kiss in Season 6, episode 10. The upcoming episode is expected to see the impact of the romantic moment on their professional relationship.

Teen Wolf” Season 6, episode 13 airs Aug. 13, at 7:00 PM on MTV. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.