The Night ShiftSeason 4 resumes the run this week after a brief hiatus. NBC is set to air Episode 7 of the medical drama where the night-shift doctors of San Antonio Memorial hospital treat multiple members of the veteran community. Meanwhile, NBC has released spoilers for the finale (episode 10).

[Warning: This article contains spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it.]

What happens in episode 7?

“The Night Shift” season 4, episode 7 is titled “Keep the Faith.” According to Cartermatt, the upcoming episode pays tribute to military men and women both on and off duty.

The official synopsis, as published on SpoilersGuide, suggests that it will be a moving episode. Spoilers hint at a funeral of someone close to the night shifters. It all begins at the funeral. In an unexpected moment, protesters barge in and attack the people at the ceremony. Unfortunately, several veterans get injured, and they are rushed to San Antonio Memorial for treatment.

Meanwhile, the show sheds light on Drew’s (Brendan Fehr) past. A familiar face from Drew’s past brings back memories of the time he spent in Iraq. This person happens to be a high-profile politician who arrives at the hospital for treatment. Jordan (Jill Flint), Scott (Scott Wolf), and TC (Eoin Macken) are given the duty of taking care of this politician, but there is a difference of opinion between the three doctors that they must work out.

As for Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) and Shannon (Tanaya Beatty), they tend to a former POW, Doug (Dan Lauria). In the meantime, Cain and Drew treat a brave-hearted photographer.

The latest trailer for “The Night Shift” gives a glimpse of the events of episode 7. The clip reveals that the upcoming episode stars real veterans. Watch the trailer for “Keep the Faith” below.

What happens in the finale?

The fourth season of the series wraps up with episode 10 on Aug. 31. While the network is yet to reveal the title, we know what is next. According to the official synopsis, the finale sees the night shifters treating the victims of a massive college campus shooting. TC, Jordan, and Drew are joined by Amira (guest star Rana Roy) to deal with the situation.

In the meantime, Scott (Scott Wolf) introduces a new training program, but it puts him at odds with Julian (James McDaniel). Drew is not happy with the decision of going to Army Ranger School. As for Shannon and TC, they worry about their future at San Antonio Memorial.

“The Night Shift” season 4 airs Thursdays on NBC. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates.