International pop singer Taylor Swift thanked the jury and everyone who stood by her during her trial, in a speech that sounded like she was accepting an award. According to US Weekly, she recently won her sexual assault trial against former radio host David Mueller on August 14.

She reportedly cried when the court decision was made. She also thanked Judge William Martinez for considering their Case, her legal counsel Katie Wright, Danielle Foley, Jay Schaudies and Doug Baldridge, and people who supported her during the trial, the report said.

“I want to thank anyone who feels repressed by sexual assault, especially those who supported us throughout this four-year long ordeal and two-year long court process,” the 27-year-old singer told US Weekly after the court decision.

She then reportedly vowed to support victims of sexual assault, help defend themselves, and donate to organizations that support the cause.

“I recognize the privilege I get from in life, from around and my capacity to provide the huge cost of defending myself in processes like this. Therefore, I will be pledging donations to many organizations that help sexual assault victims in their defense,” US Magazine quoted Swift as saying.

$1 million awarded to Swift

US Magazine reported that one of the lawyers issued opening statements saying that the singer took the stand for every woman around. According to the article, Baldridge stated that Swift took a stand for women who have experienced being sexually assaulted, after experiencing it herself.

The lawyer added that the singer has been to several meet-and-greets, photo opportunities, and events but she never let this incident happen.

Swift accused DJ Mueller for allegedly groping her during a photo opportunity in a concert held in 2013. The ex-DJ filed charges against her camp, saying that she damaged his reputation.

She eventually made a counter suit that led to this trial. The international artist won the case on August 14, and was awarded with $1 million worth of damages, US Weekly added.

Court drama

Throughout the process that went on since 2013, various events happened during the trial. It included Mueller's consistent denial that he allegedly groped Swift under her skirt.

He reportedly stated that he did not grab her, and it was by accident.

US Weekly reported his statement saying that he might have touched her ribs, but not reached under her skirt. Earlier, the court dismissed his claims that the international pop star damaged his reputation.