Sonja Morgan was completely shocked when she learned that luann de lesseps had been dating her former friends-with-benefits man, Tom D'Agostino. At the time, Luann was living with Sonja, and Morgan was giving her a roof over her head as she was trying to figure out what to do with her life after splitting up with her longtime boyfriend, Jacques.

Luann had revealed that she just wanted to date and she was often spending time away from the townhouse to meet other people and perhaps find Mr. Right. She was also looking at apartments and figuring out whether she wanted to relocate to Manhattan from Sag Harbor.

But when Sonja learned that Luann had been keeping a secret from her, she was surprised.

She was there first

As it turns out, Luann had been dating one of Sonja's ex-partners, but Luann had no idea at the time. Perhaps Luann didn't know much about Thomas D'Agostino at the time, as it seems that more than one surprise surfaced on the previous season of "The Real Housewives of New York."

When Morgan learned that Luann had been seeing Tom, the first thing she questioned was whether it was "her Tom" that her friend had been dating. Sonja later revealed as she and Tom used to have a sexual relationship dating back 10 years and that they had hooked up on and off throughout those years when both of them were single.

In addition, it was revealed that Tom had also dated "The Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer as the two of them had gone out on several dates.

The relationship had not been serious, so de Lesseps didn't take them seriously. As she revealed to viewers of the show, what happened before she met him didn't matter to her.

What about single Tom?

Now that Luann and Tom are divorcing, fans are wondering if Sonja will ever pursue a sexual relationship with Tom D'Agostino again. At that time, she may have felt that Luann was trying to steal Tom away from her, as she had been the one dating him first. She later learned that Tom didn't really have respect for relationships or titles, as he did end up cheating on Luann de Lesseps.

As for Sonja, she is now revealing that it isn't so much Tom's bachelor behavior that has her turned off.

It is more the fact that Luann has now been married to him and she is not the kind of woman who would go after someone's ex-boyfriend or ex-husband to start up a romance. When Bravo asked her if she would ever pursue a relationship with Thomas D'Agostino now that he is single, Sonja revealed that her personal rule was that she could not go after any ex-boyfriends or husbands.

“That’s done,” she explained about the situation, “Absolutely. Because for me, friends, girlfriends come first. I would never go out with a girlfriend’s ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. That’s just a rule for me. I wouldn’t do it.”

One can imagine that Luann de Lesseps is happy about this news, especially since she may not want Thomas D'Agostino related to any of her friends in the future.

She may want them to respect the fact that they were married and that she should not have to defend their seven-month long marriage to her co-stars.

Since Ramona and Sonja have both been with Thomas in the past and Luann is now divorcing him, Thomas may not be of interest to any of the other housewives when it comes to finding a serious relationship. But it may be interesting to Bravo viewers if Thomas was part of the next season as a bachelor who sleeps with women around New York. Surely, there's a lot more to this relationship that needs to be explored.

What do you think about Sonja Morgan's lack of interest in dating Tom D'Agostino after his divorce from Luann? Are you surprised that she wouldn't get back together with him now?