As you all know, Taylor Swift had been battling over a groping Case with ex-DJ David Mueller. The ex-DJ filed a $3 million dollar case against the pop singer claiming Taylor responsible for the ruination of his career. After a grilling trial involving Taylor's mother Andrea Swift and her former bodyguard Greg Dent, the judge has announced the completion of the case:

Taylor awarded symbolic $1

After learning the suit filed by the ex-DJ amounting to $3 million dollars, Taylor filed a counter-suit amounting to only $1. This proves that it's not about the money for the pop singer but the truth.

After four hours of deliberation, on August 15, 2017, a Jury ruled in favor of Taylor and returned ex-DJ Mueller will be required to pay $1 for damages. Also, Taylor's mother Andrea Swift has been found by the jury, composed of six women and two men, not liable for what was claimed as tortious interference. Once the verdict was made, Taylor immediately embraced her mother.

In an official statement, the pop superstar thanked her legal team and the judge for fighting for her and for anyone who feels silenced by a sexual assault. In an interview with CNN, Taylor said that she acknowledges the privilege that she had benefited from her life, in society and in her ability to shoulder the enormous cost of defending herself in the said trial.

She further added that she hopes to help those whose voices should be heard. She plans to make donations shortly to multiple organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves.

In addition to the $3 million dollar case, ex-DJ Mueller also filed a case against radio promotions director Frank Bell by pressuring his employer KYGO radio to fire him.

Bell was also announced not liable for that.

What Taylor's win means

Swift's attorney, after the verdict, further said that the case was not simply just a "win" for them but "something that can make a difference." He stated towards the press that "it takes people like Taylor, wonderful people like Taylor, who we all know, to stand up and draw these lines." And for him, those lines are what's right and wrong.

Fans rejoice over Taylor's win

The pop superstar's fans have rejoiced over the result of the case and several had gone public about how proud they are of Taylor's bravery and for standing up for the truth. Not only are her fans happy for Taylor's win but also the fact that Kesha, the talented singer who herself faced a rape case, publicly gave her support to Taylor via Twitter. Kesha said on her Twitter account that she supports Taylor always and admires her strength and fearlessness. Further, she wrote, "Truth is always the answer."