UK-based magazine Total Film recently revealed the opening scenes in the much-awaited movieJustice League.” Though there are no details yet on how the movie will run except for the trailer scenes, it said that the movie will be a direct sequel to “Batman v Superman.”

Total Film revealed that “Justice League” will begin with Superman inside the grave, just after the battle of Doomsday. Then, Batman and Wonder Woman will be huddled in mourning, as villain Steppenwolf appears. Next, the superhero duo will team up with the other heroes in the DC comic book classic.

Batman v Superman” ended in a dark storytelling of Superman being buried in his grave, as he was honored with gun salutes and a parade. His alter-ego Clark Kent was also reported dead, and a newspaper article read that Kent died during one of his reporter assignments.

The world mourned Superman’s death, who was known as the Kryptonian who descended to Earth. The previous Warner Bros movie also showed Lex Luthor being locked behind bars.

Total Film’s report in its latest issue was cited by the website, We Got This Covered. The UK-based publication is only available in print.

‘Suicide Squad’ references

Screen Rant also published a story saying that “Justice League” will refer back to the events in “Suicide Squad.” The movie that starred Jared Leto as the Joker was set in the aftermath of the death of the Man of Steel.

The report said that it exactly fits the linear timeline of the Dc Extended Universe.

The contemporary setting of the movie “Wonder Woman” also transpired after her short appearance in the “Batman v Superman” film. This means that Diana had already had a prior relationship with the Caped Crusader when she joined him in the fight against Doomsday, Screen Rant added.


After director Zack Snyder passed on the duties to another director, Joss Whedon, there were reshoots and re-filming made for the upcoming DC movie. However, previous reports pointed out that Whedon will not be taking away Snyder’s ideas in the post-production.

“Justice League” is slated to hit worldwide theaters on November 17, seeing the comeback of the popular DC comics superheroes, along with their new sidekicks.

It is the fifth entry to the DC Extended Universe, Screen Rant noted.

The film will feature the comic book’s biggest icons such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. They will team up to protect the planet and prevent a global catastrophe from the villain Steppenwolf and his Parademons.