“Stranger Things” season 2 air date on NetFlix was scheduled on Halloween but details about the second season of this 80’s retro hit have slowly trickled into the web to satisfy and put at ease the anticipation of fans. The release of the show’s latest trailer at the Comic Con 2017 may have, for now, fed fans’ hunger for details on what’s next and what to expect in the upcoming season.

Producers Matt and Ross Duffer teased that “Stranger Things” season two will make fans and viewers feel fully satisfied and wanting more. Just what we need.

Everything changes in 'Stranger Things 2'

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Stranger Things” producer Ross Duffer said that “everything changes as we move forward, so we'll see.” Matt Duffer meanwhile told EW that he wants the show to have a finite ending and not run out of gas or lost the interest of its audience.

The producers intend to give viewers of the show the sense that it has concluded as well as lay the foundations or ground work of further seasons. This confirms that there will be more after season two and EW reported that the Duffer brothers were looking at 4 or 5 seasons of “Stranger Things.”

A darker and more eerie season

Noah Schnapp or Will told TV Line recently that the “Stranger Things” season 2 will be a darker and more eerie show compared to the previous one.

Expect also that something very very disturbing will happen to Will in the first couple of episodes, according to co-star Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike.

The "Stranger Things" season 2 trailer reinforced this detail as it revealed Will have visions of being back in the Upside Down world. In there, he saw the new terrifying shadow monster, which appears to be a Thessalhydra, looming ominously on the dark horizon.

The trailer also showed a terrified Will drawing hundreds of sketches of the monster inside his room.

'Stranger Things 2' theory on Will

With “Stranger Things” episode 2 release date still months away, fans are not short of interesting theories and speculations as to the shows characters and plot lines.

There are some good theories published on the web, and one of these says that Will had acquired the ability to travel into the Upside Down because of what he had gone through.

It seems that psychic ability is no longer the only way to be in and out of the other dimension.

This makes sense as we saw Will in the latest “Stranger Things” episode 2 trailer seemingly being in and out of the Upside Down. This theory further speculates that because of his new ability, he will be the one who brings back Eleven from the Upside Down to the real world.

The trailer revealed as well that Eleven is alive in the Upside Down, but she is trying to get out.