Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the “Steven Universe” staff and crew graced the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel. They have entertained their fans with a live performance of their signature songs and gave little details about the coming continuation of “Steven Universe” Season 5.

The voices behind Garnet and Stevonnie, Estelle and A.J. Michalka gave an impromptu live performance of “Here Comes a Thought.” And the show’s creator revealed that the murder that transpired in the animated series would be tackled.

Solving the mysterious murder

Rebecca Sugar teased that the mysterious murder of Pink Diamond will be featured in “Steven Universe” Season 5.

She also gave a glimpse of brand new footages that will be seen in the coming episodes.

The 30-year-old animator showed a clip containing Lars' future. He will become a space pirate and will requisite a ship to escape Homeworld. But, his journey back home won’t only be the main focus of the animated series when it returns, Kotaku reported.

The show’s fifth season will also feature what occurred in the mysterious death of Pink Diamond. Things got seriously bigger when it was revealed that Steven’s mother, Rose, was not the real culprit behind her death. Instead, it was just a cover-up during “The Trial” that will play a major role in the show’s upcoming episodes. Evidently, Steven and the Gems will be playing detectives to solve this mysterious murder.

Things the show’s creator learn

Meanwhile, although “Steven Universe” is considered as one of the most popular and acclaimed animated series on television, Rebecca Sugar revealed that she still wants to change some things she did before.Especially now that she knows more about developing this kind of television series.

In an interview with Polygon, the screenwriter admitted that she has no regrets about what she has done in the show.

In fact, she now learned a lot of things from her experiences from the past. She is even excited to know that she has changed and grown for the better as an artist and a person. “I put that toward everything I’m saying in the moment on the show and everything that I want to say in the future,” she told the publication.

Of course, Rebecca Sugar is proud of the animated series as a whole, but she is most proud of how the creative manages every episode. The emotionally driven chapters are strategically added with fun and humor. With that, she commands her creative team for equally putting balance to its theme, which put the show to where it is now.