Just as promised, SM Entertainment revealed a special surprise for EXO’s fans as soon as they met a special condition. The surprise happened to be the English version of one of the group’s new songs.

Surprise event for fans

Shortly after EXO released its highly awaited new album and the music video for their title track, “Ko Ko Bop,” SM Entertainment set up a ‘Ko Ko Bop’ YouTube MV Event and announced that there is a special surprise in store for their fans if they get the Korean version of their new music video to surpass 30 million views on their official YouTube channel.

EXO is no doubt one of the biggest K-Pop acts in South Korea but they could not beat rising Korean pop stars, BTS (Bangtan Boys) and Blackpink when it comes to racking in views. The two idol groups reached 10 million views just a few hours after their respective music videos were released, proving just how much fans all over the world were eager to hear their music.

However, what the SMEnt idol group lacked in views, they made up for with the new records they have achieved with their new album, “The War” and their title track, “Ko Ko Bop.” The boys have been topping music charts in South Korea and even created a milestone after topping more than 40 countries on iTunes’ World Albums chart.

'The Eve' English demo version

SM Entertainment wanted to show the idol group’s fans how grateful they are to them for supporting the boys since they debuted some years ago. As soon as the Korean version of the music video of “Ko Ko Bop,” reached 30 million views on YouTube, a special behind-the-scene short clip was released.

The surprise is the demo version of one of EXO’s new hit songs, “The Eve.” However, the demo is sung by Super Junior’s member, Henry Lau and he sang it with English lyrics.

Apparently, Henry is actually one of the talented composers of the song and he got to show what the song sounded like before they went for the final version.

The other composers of “The Eve” are Mike Woods, Kevin White, Andrew Bazzi, and MZMC.

The demo and the actual song gave out different vibes but they’re still great. The idol group performed “The Eve” during their comeback stages on various music programs.

EXO released their new and fourth full album on July 18. The album consisted of nine tracks, and the members participated in the creation of the lyrics as well. The group has started to compete with their new title track on various music programs after concluding their one-week promotional period for their comeback stage.