Ben Affleck was spotted out and about with his new girlfriend Lindsay Shookus in Hollywood. On the other hand, his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner, was spotted spending the day with the actor’s mother.

The actor has been going to places with his new girlfriend, who is a producer on “Saturday Night Live.” Over the weekend, they went to Maine then jetted back to Los Angeles to attend an event at Hollywood’s iO West Improve Theater. E! News reported that this place is known for scouting new comedic talents and Shookus met with some people she knew.

Affleck went with her in order to support his new flame.

According to People, the new couple went to grab something to eat at the Osteria Mozza. They stayed there for an hour and a half. Accordingly, while having dinner, Shookus and Affleck reviewed the producer’s notes and talked about the comedians they met with.

Source claims Affleck loves spending time with new gf

Affleck just finished filming “Justice League” and now he is enjoying his summer. A source claimed that part of how Affleck is enjoying summer is by spending time with Shookus. They are expected to be seen together out and about in the coming weeks.

Jennifer Garner spotted with Affleck’s mom

The mother of Affleck, Christine Ann Boldt, was spotted with Garner in Los Angeles.

A photo of the two was taken by paparazzi showing them laughing while they were out walking. Boldt is reportedly staying at Garner’s place now. The two have been seen together in the past since Affleck and Garner announced that they were getting a divorce. However, this meeting was highly controversial because it was taken during the same time Affleck was spotted with his new girlfriend.

Garner, Affleck continue to co-parent their kids

The two coordinated their divorce filings earlier this year two years after they confirmed that they were getting a divorce. From the get go, they already said that they wanted to put their children first. The two share three kids together namely 11-year-old Violet, eight-year-old Seraphina, and five-year-old Samuel.

Accordingly, they have already worked out the co-parenting thing and will continue to spend time with their kids together as a family or separately as parents. They have been spending special events together as a family in the past years. They have gone on vacations together as well as spending holidays as a family. It seems that nothing would change with that set-up now that Affleck has a new girlfriend.

Garner okay with Affleck’s new gf

There is also no bad blood between Affleck and Garner now that he has Shookus in his life. Us Weekly said that Garner knew about his relationship beforehand and she still went on a vacation with Affleck for the Fourth of July.

Rumors swirled claiming that Affleck and Shookus have been together for three years now and that she caused the separation of Affleck and Garner. A source close to Affleck said those statements are false because their relationship is relatively new.