Shailene Woodley has always been vocal about her stand and advocacy even if she gets arrested for speaking for what she believes is right. It is worth noting that the "Divergent" actress was previously arrested for protesting the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline in October.

Actress joins oil pipeline protest

She even captured and shared the whole incident to her fans through Facebook Live, wherein she narrated what took place before she was arrested for trespassing. "I was walking back to my RV, which is right there so that we can go back to camp peacefully and they grabbed me by my jacket," she said.

The actress went on to say that the authorities who arrested her had "giant guns and batons and zip ties." Shailene Woodley also tried to ask the police why they were arresting her even after she was obliged to leave the place. "As soon as they came I left… It's because I'm well known. It's because I have 40,000 people watching," she added.

Despite the arrest, the actress and activist refused to back down and even encouraged other people to take a stand and speak for their rights. Her active participation in this kind of movement has fueled speculation about whether Shailene Woodley is considering entering politics to pursue her advocacy.

Woodley and her interest in politics

The "Snowden" actress did not hesitate when she was asked about this matter in her the New York Times interview.

In fact, she frankly admitted that the idea had crossed her mind when she was actively campaigning for Bernie Sanders during the U.S. elections last year.

"There was a point last year when I was working for Bernie Sanders where I thought, “Huh, maybe I’ll Run for Congress in a couple years.” And you know what? I’m not going to rule it out," she told the publication.

"Who knows? Life is big, and I’m young."

Aside from teasing about her possible congressional run, Shailene Woodley proudly confessed that she could now consider herself a feminist after she insisted otherwise in the past. The actress thinks there is a need to introduce a type of matriarchy in this patriarchal society. "We need more softness and more silence and more pause through the chaos," she added.

In her 2015 interview, the actress explained she did not want to be labeled as a feminist or not a feminist. "I do not want to be defined by one thing. Why do we have to have that label to divide us?" she asked.

She added that there is no need for such labels and wanted all people to respect each other regardless of their beliefs and association.