It has been pretty much normal for a celebrity couple to move on after being separated from previous marriage. In this case, “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke moved on after being separated from his previous wife Paula Patton. The 40-year-old singer nourishes his relationship with girlfriend April Love Geary a 22-year-old model.

Just recently, April Love shared a good news about bearing Thicke’s baby girl. This would be his second child after his oldest son Julian (from the former marriage) and the kid is excited to have another part of the family.

According to a report from Independent, Robin and April Love have informed Julian about her future baby sister a week ago.

Robin Thicke’s married life

Despite the unsuccessful marriage that Robin Thicke got, he has been blessed with his seven-year-old son Julian and his new lover April Love. The two have been dating since 2014 right after Thicke and Patton split. Geary doesn’t really care too much about Thicke’s relationship that has ended and focuses on their brand new love. Geary floods her Instagram account with numerous pictures of her and her 40-year-old boyfriend having so much time falling deeply in love with each other.

It took a while before the publicized dispute between him and Patton came to an end.

It is in the custody of his son whom Patton claimed to have been abused by his father. This was later on denied by Thicke saying that they got along so well.

Robin also adds that Julian and he have been in a great status recently. He mentions so many things that they have been doing in the previous days including playing balls and going to theme parks together just like a typical father and son.

He also claims that any rumors about their odd relationship with his son are not true.

Baby’s birthday same with Robin’s father

It came as a surprise to everyone that the baby April love is bearing is due on March 1. This is because it is also the birthday of Robin Thicke’s late father, actor and singer Allan Thicke who died at the age of 69.

Who would have thought that they’d have the same birthday assuming everything goes well with April Love’s pregnancy.

Sources of TMZ also confirmed that they are waiting for a baby girl making Robin Thicke now a father of two. Even though the relationship between the singer and his girlfriend Geary still lies in a huge uncertainty given his past, the couple still chooses to believe that it could be the reason why the past relationship didn’t work. What do you think about the Thicke-Geary tandem? Comment your thoughts below.