Robin Thicke recently called local authorities, alleging that his former wife, Paula Patton, was in violation of a custody order by not allowing him to take their son home. Reportedly, the 39-year-old singer called his ex-wife about picking up their son Julian but got no answer. He showed up at Patton’s Malibu home Friday with officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. But when officers entered the “Hitch” actress’ home to speak with the 6-year-old, Julian informed them that he did not want to go home with his dad. According to department policy, a child cannot be forced to leave a family member if that child does not want to go.

The former lovebirds have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over Julian since their divorce. On Thursday, the 41-year-old Patton came forth with claims that Thicke spanked and punched their son. This prompted the “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” actress to file an emergency order, seeking full custody with the stipulation of supervised visits for Thicke. In court documents obtained by Us Magazine, Patton revealed that officials from Julian’s school contacted child services. Apparently, Julian informed his principal and the school’s mediator that his celebrity dad had been rough with him.

Blurred lines, or crossing the line?

Concern grew after Julian made statements to his principal and mediator regarding the way his father hits and punishes him.

On January 4, 2017, the school principal contacted the Department of Child and Family Services to report their concerns about the “Blurred Lines” singer abusing his son. Patton said she had heard about these actions but did not know how to handle it. Paula Patton also said that her ex-husband is well aware of the complaints leveled against him and that her son recently started to show disturbing behavior.

She also alleges that Thicke used drugs and alcohol while Julian was under his care, and once showed up at the boy’s kindergarten graduation drunk.

Caught in the middle

Patton’s emergency filing was denied by a judge on the basis of her not providing enough evidence to support a claim of great harm to Julian. The judge also denied limiting Thicke’s custody to supervised daytime visits.

Robin Thicke has denied any wrongdoing but has admitted to administering light spanking on rare occasions. He states that Patton is only trying to get back at him for not inviting her or her family members to his father's (Alan Thicke) funeral in December.