Hollywood Life recently reported that Robert Pattinson is excited for his possible return in an upcoming Twilight movie. According to his new interview, the actor teased fans for the possible comeback of the hit movie franchise.

The production company behind the movie series, Lionsgate, earlier told fans that they might produce a new installment following the last one several years back. The report said that Pattinson, who played the lead role, is possibly willing to come back for the rumored film.

Hollywood Life stated that he has been away from Hollywood and from all the media buzz since the final installment of the film franchise.

However, with this recent announcement by Lionsgate, the actor expressed his excitement.

He told the entertainment website that he lives in his “own world” most of the time and has been “under the radar for years.” The actor added he hopes that will change.

Stephanie Meyer’s word

Variety earlier reported that Lionsgate might bring the movie series back. In the actual saga, the story ended with the fourth Twilight installment, “Breaking Dawn.” It was turned into a two-part movie that was released in 2010 and 2011.

If the production company will push through with the plan, the author, Stephanie Meyer, is willing to revive the “Twilight” saga, according to the article. Pattinson told Hollywood Life that he was inspired by the story.

The production studio reportedly pointed out that there are several stories to be told, which is why they are pondering reviving the film franchise. They are also planning to bring the cast back together.

The ‘Twilight’ saga

The hit novel “Twilight” earned praise from fans and critics worldwide. It joined the many vampire-based stories published in history.

The popular Meyer novels told the story of vampires Bella Swan and Edward Cullen amidst several challenges and encounters. The book featured werewolves and supernatural beings.

Ever since the book was turned into a movie, it received more accolades. The movie featured all books in the series, “New Moon, “Eclipse,” and “Breaking Dawn.”

Apparently, there are no more books for the movie to be based on if the studio decides to make another film since the saga ended with the fourth book. There are no further details reported so far. The entertainment website reported that the author and the rest of the cast have yet to confirm their participation on this rumored production.