We all know that Robert Pattinson is “kind of engaged” to FKA Twigs. At least that’s what he told Howard Stern late last month when he dropped by the guy’s show to promote his new movie “Good Time.” However, he also admitted that he’s been having difficulties with his relationship because of some Twi-hards, who he calls a “troupe of crack crazies.”

R-Patz has been linked to pop star Katy Perry for years although they both denied these allegations and claimed that they are just platonic friends. Unfortunately, there are fans that seemed unconvinced and their latest photo that made its way online has added more fuel to the rumors that something is going on between them.

R-Patz and Kat-P get cozy during a dinner

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry were photographed on Saturday night having some noodles alongside a group of friends at a restaurant in Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. TMZ shared the photo showing R-Patz and Kat-P looking intimate while talking, which was echoed by an E! News insider. "They were serious at one point, but not anymore. The whole thing with Rob saying they are 'kind of engaged' speaks for itself. The relationship has been fizzling out,” the insider said. "[Kat-P] is very good friends with Rob, but you never know what will happen in the future." So, there. If the source is right, then the photo of them in a cozy restaurant certainly means something.

Another source also told E! News that things are “basically over” between Robert Pattinson and his fiancée. If this turns out to be true, then the cozy dinner photo with Katy Perry could mean there is something between them although Kat-P previously said that he is like her brother. In 2015, she was with the couple during a night gala and they were even photographed together.

However, there are still people who are seemed unconvinced that R-Patz and Kat-P are just friends especially as they were spotted having dinner together without FKA Twigs.

FKA Twigs faces racial issues

Robert Pattinson also told Howard Stern that his fiancée is facing racial disparagement because he is dating her and said that there are people who don’t understand his relationship with FKA Twigs.

However, he tries to tone it down to ease the burden but admitted that he is not always successful. He added that he’s private about his relationship because he can’t just let people in. R-Patz went on to say that he only wants to protect his relationship and his privacy.