Hey guys, if you though sex was good cardio, sorry to disappoint. A study from Michigan State University found that sex is bad for older men. Sexually active males over 57 were found to have heart failure, heart attack, and stroke more frequently. But there's a quirky flip side to this study--sex is good for women over 50. Not surprisingly, the MSU findings aren't very popular with older dudes. So, men, what do you think--will these findings turn the cold shower on your love life?

Sex and older men--coitus interruptus?

Study author Hui Liu, a sociology prof at MSU, says she was really surprised at the findings on sex dangers for men.

While heart attack immediately after sex isn't unheard of, frequent sexual activity is thought to be generally a very good cardiovascular workout. However in a test group of about 1,100 men 57-85 years of age, those who has sex once a week or more were twice as likely to experience heart failure, heart attack, or stroke compared to those who were sexually active. Research compared survey responses with cardiovascular data (blood pressure, heart rate, C-reactive protein levels, reports of heart attack, heart failure and/or stroke). Women in the same age group fared much better with weekly sex.

Sexual habits in older men vs. older women

Part of the MSU study from theU.S. National Social Life, Health, and Aging Projectincluded a user-completed survey and the findings on that were interesting, too.

Data was collected over a period of years. Older males were much more likely to admit to (brag about?) being sexually active and enjoying it than women. In the first questionnaire, 70 percent of men over 50 said they'd had sex in the last year compared to only 40 percent of women. 25 percent of men had sex once a week but only 11 percent of women did.

Men enjoyed sex more too--36 percent found it physically satisfying and 37 percent found it emotionally healthy. But only one quarter of women surveyed felt the same way. So those who get the most benefit from sexual activity like it least and vice-versa.

Should older men stop having sex to save their hearts?

No, say doctors.

These findings shouldn't scare anyone nor prevent guys over 50 from being sexually active. Other research bears up the benefits of a good sex life. And lifestyle diseases like diabetes,obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterolare more closely linked to heart failure and stroke than sex. The only thing these findings should do is to prompt seniormen to be open with their physicians about all aspects of their health, including sexual activity. It should encourage men of all ages to lose weight and stay activeto keep tickers ticking and sex lives happy.