Filming of the new "Poldark" will reportedly start in September, and the storyline is exciting the fans since some of the cast members already gave some spoilers from "Poldark" Season 4.

Poldark received such great love from its viewers during the first few seasons and the producers aim to keep that success by keeping Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson in the hit TV series. Surely, "Poldark" Season 4 already has a dedicated fan base, which helps them in getting more supporters for the upcoming series.

Where will the new ‘Poldark’ pick up?

Captain Ross is expected to go to London to take on a new journey.

Turner will be seen in London in the first five episodes of the series. He will be seen fighting again for his life after the dramatic finale of the latest episode.

So what happened lately? Well, first off, goodbye Aunt Agatha who faked her age saying she is two years older than she is (she could have done it the other way). But Ross’ dilemma is still brewing since the betrayal of Francis and his constant blaming to Ross of almost, well, everything until he gets to join Aunt Agatha to the other side. Still, the man leaving the show was a little bit devastating because Ross’ cousin does have a son and he was trying to make amends with Ross, but he did not reach series three alive.

The cast teases the fans with some new spoilers

Fast forward to the latest episode of the third series when Ross and Demelza’s love starts to crumble slowly leaving room for a new beau that could twist the story a little bit.

Just recently, an Instagram post was used to tease fans about the said read through have emerged, and there certainly are new faces.

Scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield confirmed the existence of new actors saying, “There are some fantastic new characters. There is one in particular that I really think will capture the imagination of viewers who Ross goes up against.” Which is why we think may be Demelza is the reason Ross would brawl over the unnamed person.

Or we might be wrong.

There is also something between Lieutenant Hugh Armitage that makes us worry if Demelza intends to remain on Ross side until the end. The showrunners have already admitted on trying to follow their path rather than the way it was in the books which leave room for more surprises.

Poldark Season 4 will return in small screens starring Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson on the BBC One network to continue where it left off.