People can take sides, and since the US is the land of the free, you can express yourself in any way. But sometimes, what people say can hurt or diminish others. Some realize the impacts made by their expressions and apologize to the affected individuals. In November 2016, Paris Hilton had defended Donald Trump, but she apologized for her remarks on Thursday.

Hilton was on Trump’s side

Marie Claire’s Irin Carmon had gone to Mexico to interview the Hilton Hotel heiress about her sex tape, career, and the new president, two days after trump had been elected.

She had said to Marie that she knew Trump when she was young and he was nice, respectful and sweet. Marie then asked Paris what she thought about Trump's infamous comment “grab ‘em by the p**sy” and the controversy around it. She stated that she had heard guys say the craziest things because she hangs out with them.

After being asked about the women who were accusing the current POTUS of sexual assault, Paris had responded that she believed the women were after attention and fame. She added that she felt like when something happens, opportunists take the advantage and come out, and the women were after Trump’s cash or settlements even though nothing had happened, so she didn’t buy the stories.

It seemed that that Hilton had supported Trump because they had close ties. A while back, Trump, who is a friend of Hilton’s parents, had said on Howard Stern’s radio show that she had found 12-year old Hilton very attractive.

While Trump was campaigning, multiple women had come out accusing him of sexual harassment. One of them was Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who accused him of ‘unwanted sexual touching.' She had also accused the billionaire of inappropriate sexual advances when they met at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Paris said she was sorry for her comments and she was misunderstood

On Thursday, Paris Hilton backtracked on her controversial comments. She apologized for the comments she had made in the interview despite the fact it that was a big issue, and her comments were not delivered they way she intended them to be. She added that she was talking about her own experiences and the roles media and fame play in the society, and she didn’t have the intention to hurt anybody with the comments.

She promised to advocate for girls and women and be the voice of those in desperate situations. Last year, Hilton had gone public and confessed that she voted for Trump during late last year’s election, but in the interview with Marie, she said she didn’t cast her vote. Clearly, Paris contradicted herself on that. The 36-year-old socialite and DJ can only hope the world will accept her apologies.