At some point, we’re going to see Nelle catch some heavy questioning heat from Dante. Someone will give Finn some horrific news! Griffin will totally surprise Ava. Felicia is going to get very curious. Things aren’t going to go so great for Monica and more in these new "General Hospital" August 14 to August 18, 2017, episodes.

Dante has a revelation

The Monday, August 14 episode will feature a Finn scene at some point. Things don’t sound good for him as they say he will be the recipient of very horrible news! What could this bad news entail? That’s the super huge question for this storyline.

It certainly sounds like we’ll see some very dramatic and emotional scenes as a result of this development.

Next, they revealed that Dante will have a revelation that is not too flattering. It turns out that he’s going to realize that someone duped him. Is he going to do anything about it? That’s the big question for this situation.

Terrible day

In this third Monday spoiler scoop, they revealed that Monica will just have an absolute terrible day. It will start out bad. From there, it’s just going to get even worse! What will be the reason for Monica’s recent woes? That’s certainly the main question that we’ll be looking to see get answered in this particular episode.

In the Tuesday, August 15 episode, we’re going to see the intense Nelle and Dante scene.

They say that Dante will throw a lot of questions at her. Will she give him the answers he seeks? Or will she leave him hanging? Those are the big questions for that situation. It sounds like it could get pretty dramatic or confrontational.

A date with Oscar

Elsewhere, young Joss will be quite busy in a scene. They say she will be getting ready to go on a big date with Oscar.

In the 3rd teaser, they revealed that Ava and Griffin will have a pretty interesting-sounding scene. Apparently, there’s going to be a moment where Griffin startles Ava somehow. How will he surprise her? That’s the main question for this storyline. It could be pretty dramatic.

The Wednesday, August 16 episode will feature Liz doing something very significant.

They say that she will actually put her entire life on hold. Unfortunately, they didn’t elaborate with any additional information. So, we’ll definitely be looking to see what exactly causes her to put her life on hold.

Catch her curiosity

Next, they revealed that Obrecht will experience some pretty intense times in this particular episode. Apparently, something will catch her curiosity to the point where it literally consumes her! What is the super intriguing thing that catches her attention? That’s the major question for this plotline. Lastly, they revealed that Finn will show a lot of appreciation for Curtis.

In the Thursday, August 17 episode, Obrecht will do a lot of gloating that eventually backfires.

There will be a moment where Amy and Nathan do some catching up in regards to the “Man Landers” subject. The third scoop reveals that something or someone will cause Felicia to get very curious.

Valuable encouragement

Lastly, the week will end with the big Friday, August 18 episode. In it, Kiki will offer her advice to someone. Griffin will receive some valuable encouragement from Liz. Elsewhere, Nina will be very busy making up a list of demands. It sounds like the week could possibly end with something interesting. We’ll see. Stay tuned.