Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly might have a surprise reunion in the upcoming "NCIS" Season 15. Fans of the long running TV series are excited as they might see Weatherly in the series once again. But, will Harmon's character be able to surpass the danger ahead?

According to a recent report, Mark Harmon who plays Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Sean Murray who plays Special Agent Tim McGee will be looking gaunt as they get left behind in a rebel-infested location in Paraguay. They will become prisoners in the upcoming "NCIS" Season 15 TV series, as the rebels captured them.

Mark Harmon will get beard and will be in danger in 'NCIS' Season 15

Entertainment Weekly even shared a photo online which showed Mark Harmon and Sean Murray bearded and struggling. Perhaps, the show will pick up where they left off last season. Harmon and Murray's respective characters will be in a compromised position.

It can be recalled that the two agents together with Agent Torres played by Wilmer Valderrama had to look for the lost Navy Seal and children in Paraguay, however, they were not able to complete their mission as the rebels caught them. Torres guided and secured the other victims of the rebel group for escape, while Gibbs opted to stay.

As per Frank Cardea, showrunner of "NCIS" Season 15, the new season will be showing a time jump on its storyline.

But, the story will definitely pick up where they left Season 14 off. Cardea even added that they would be showing some flashbacks in the new series.

The dangerous situation might put the life of Harmon in a risky condition. Fans are reportedly worried about the future of Harmon's character in the hit TV series, especially because of his health status.

However, Harmon still signed up for the latest season, which means his rumored health problems might not be affecting his job as an actor after all.

Michael Weatherly back on 'NCIS' soon?

On the other side of the story, Cardea told TV Line that two characters will be returning to the show. Robert Wagner will be returning to the series as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

However, Michael Weatherly's return is yet to be confirmed by the CBS network and the producers of the series.

There is no doubt that fans would want to see Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly reunite in the series. But, fans just have to wait for the final verdict of the producers. Hopefully, they will be able to grant the fans' request. "NCIS" will return for season 15 on September 26, 2017, on the CBS network.