A year ago, I was introduced to Mubi, another streaming Movie service, the only difference between Mubi and others is the Movies chosen are specially hand picked and available for 30 days. Once the 30 days are up more movies are put in its place. Movies range from new, old, foreign, Sundance, and independent films. Mubi is an ideal site for any movie lover or film student. The site briefly provides a review of each movie. If you are a movie junkie check out Mubi.

A subscriber can also create a personal favorite movie list on Mubi and share with others.

It just so happens I discovered one of my favorite directors Edgar Wright had a list created. Edgar Wright is the brilliant mind behind "Baby Driver," "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," "Shaun of the Dead," and much more. To have access to his top favorite movies is exciting for any fan of his work.

Edgar Wright's top favorite films of all time are insane!

The list contains 1000 films in chronological order. Years ranging from 1920's to 2016, along with many different genres. A range of famous silent films is posted working up to the talkies and infamous 70's-80's movies. Genres listed range from horror, sci-fi, action, comedy, and drama. So a little bit of everything for everyone. The best part is these are movies listed on many other filmmaker's must-see picks.

One can literally see the evolution of films. Although this may seem pointless to some, the 1000 films list provides a great start for those looking to start a movie appreciation journey.

Many millennials have missed essential eras of movie history or anyone to educate us on these movie gems.

Does the new generation care for classic films?

In a world where violence and sex are seen daily on the web and in movies, can we still appreciate a good Hitchcock movie? Most movie goers automatically assume the outcome of the film in the first 30 minutes of the movie. We have established this bias from having highly active brains due to consistently seeing computer generated imagery and many suspense films.

A glimpse of history can help one appreciate the vision of the directors, writers, cinematographers, and everyone involved in the production of a movie.

From the excitement from Marvel to the next James Bond, I think we need to take a look back and appreciate the first moving pictures. Do you know the first horror movie ever made? Or seen a 1950’s Sci-Fi? Edgar Wright has given us a great start into uncovering the gems that have influenced today’s filmmakers on Mubi. I have made my personal goal to complete the movies on Edgar’s list maybe you should too.