Is "Twilight" mania about to be reborn? "Twilight" fans may be in for a real treat, Robert Pattinson is reportedly open to returning to the big screen as Edward Cullen!

Is the world about to go Twilight crazy again?

"Twilight" fans could have their prayers answered according to a new report from In Touch that claims Robert Pattinson revealed in a recent interview with the Huffington Post that he is "open" to the idea of starring in a new "Twilight" movie!

The year was 2008 when "Twilight" mania was all the rage thanks to Stephanie Meyer's book series about a teenage romance between a vampire and a mortal.

Books were flying off the shelves, and every female 'tween to middle age mothers and wives were choosing up sides, It was a worldwide battle you were either Team Edward or Team Jacob, and Kristen Stewart was considered the luckiest girl to have ever lived.

Rob and Kristen down for new Twilight films

Fans stood in long theater lines for hours to be the first to see each film in the "Twilight Saga" franchise. The films were a huge success, and this could all be happening once again. Jon Feltheimer, the CEO from Lionsgate productions also hinted that there is a possibility that new "Twilight" films could be coming in the future. And who could blame him, this would be a huge money making opportunity for all involved!

“There a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories.” Posible storylines could be made into films stemming from Meyer's previous best-selling book collections and possibly even some new ones. This could include sequel ideas which detailing Jacob and Renesmee's love story according to the report.

But, even if Robert was 100 percent on board, would Kristen Stewart be down for reprising her role as Bella Swan. There is a lot of history between Robert and Kristen, and some of it is not very good. While true for a while the former couple were considered the perfect match for each other on and off the screen. However, Kristen did cheat on R-Patz and broke his heart.

And even if Rob is okay with working with Kristen again would the fans ever really be able to have the same kind of love for Stewart that they used to have before the cheating scandal? We know that both Rob and Kristen have long moved on from their "Robsten" days. Pattinson is currently engaged to model FKA Twigs, and Stewart is seriously dating Stella Maxwell.

However, some fans have admitted over the years they would love to see Rob and Kristen reunited, and these days, anything is possible. While this is far from a done deal, imagine the possibilities. Could you ever see this happening?

What are your thoughts on new the possibility of new "Twilight" related films, do you believe all the past celebs would all be on board for a revisit? #Celebrities #Twilight Saga