Miley Cyrus has expressed her deepest apology after she failed to attend the 2017 Teen Choice Award on Sunday. Amid her busy schedule, the young singer just announced her new album instead, the "Younger Now." Just recently, Cyrus took to Instagram, and she has shared her side for failing to attend the event. She has revealed that due to her unrealistic schedule, she failed to receive her award, the Ultimate Choice Award, in the said awards night. Nevertheless, she was still happy to announce that her hard work pays off as she’ll finally drop her new album’s music video

Upcoming single

As Cyrus posted her message on Instagram, she has also thanked all her fans for allowing her to be the Ultimate Choice Awardee.

On the other hand, the famous singer has also posted an artwork of her latest single, "Younger Now," which simply implied that her new song is almost ready for release.

Further, she has also expressed her intention to attend the awards nights; however, her schedule just didn't allow her to make it for the said event. Amid the news from Entertainment Tonight, her fans were saddened for not having her on the Teen Choice Award. Nevertheless, they were also happy after learning about her newest single to be released next month.

New music video

As she expressed her apology on Instagram, Cyrus also finally revealed that her new music video would be officially dropped on Friday, August 18. Hence, this has been the reason behind her busy schedule recently.

Further, the singer also shared her excitement for finally sharing her new song to all her fans around the world.

She also revealed that she wanted to make everyone smile and be happy through her music. Hence, it is no stranger why Cyrus has always made her best when it comes to preparing for her new single. As she continued on her message, the "Malibu" singer also added that she planned to continue making songs for the rest of her life.

Most probably, the singer has been a lot thankful to everyone who never failed to listen to her songs every single day.

As she ended her post, Cyrus has expressed her love and gratitude to all her fans who have supported her throughout the years. On the last part of her message, Cyrus wrote, "Love Love & more LOVE! "

Release date

"Younger Now," Cyrus upcoming single, is slated to be released officially on September 29. Previously, it has been reported that the singer has learned her love for music from her roots as revealed by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Hence, as she finally announced the final dropping of her single, her fans couldn't wait to hear her new song again.