Jon and Kate Gosselin are at it again. The former spouses reportedly had the police called on them after they had a blowout fight over the custody of one of their 13-year-old daughters. The cops were called and things got ugly as the reality TV stars fought it out, in what Wyomissing Police are calling a "verbal domestic argument." It has not been revealed with of the former couple's daughters was the center of the fight, but police did reveal that the girl ended up going home with Jon Gosselin after she expressed her wishes to do so.

Police are called on Jon and Kate Gosselin

Nobody was arrested during Jon And Kate Gosselin's verbal fight, but things seem to be going from bad to worse when it comes to Jon's relationship with the Gosselin children. Kate, 42, currently has full legal custody of all eight of the children, twins Cara and Maddy, 16, and sextuplets Aaden, Collin, Joel, Alexis, Hannah, and Leah, 13, after her ex-husband signed over custody so that he would no longer have to pay the "Kate Plus 8" star child support for their children.

Their messy divorce

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced back in 2009 after shocking claims that Jon had been cheating on his wife. At the time, the two were the stars of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8," and fans loved to watch the way their big brood interacted, and how the parents handled the stresses of daily life with eight children.

After the divorce both Kate and Jon publicly bashed one another, and multiple claims of Kate being allegedly overly strict and at time even borderline abusive with the kids began to surface.

Kate's new life

Kate Gosselin then decided to take charge of her life. She got a makeover, which included her losing her signature angled, short hair style, and began to work out and get in shape.

She later appeared on "Dancing With The Stars" and "Celebrity Apprentice," and even got her old reality series back, re-branded as "Kate Plus 8," revealing her life as a single mom.

Jon Gosselin's struggle

However, Jon Gosselin hasn't been so lucky. After the divorce his life seemed to spiral. He had a string of relationships with women, and even appeared on VH1's "Couples Therapy" with one girlfriend.

Jon then began to have serious money troubles, and could no longer afford to pay child support for his kids. He began working at restaurants and later started to DJ for work. He has given interviews in the past revealing that he doesn't have much a relationship with his children anymore, and his oldest daughters, Maddy and Cara seem to want nothing to do with there dad.

Jon's relationship with the kids isn't good

Back in 2016, Maddy revealed during an interview that she doesn't have time for a toxic relationship with her dad in her life. When Cara was asked about her father she replied, "I honestly wouldn't know what to say about him." It looks like things in the Gosselin family are rocky to say the least, now more than ever after Jon and Kate Gosselin's fight warranted a visit by the local police.