Mark Mueller was hired by Disney over thirty years ago to write a Theme Song for Disney's show "DuckTales." He was only paid just over $1000 at the time and never expected for thousands of people around the world to hear the song that he had written. Disney has recently announced that a new "DuckTales" movie will be released come September 2017.

Mueller opens up about writing the song

According to AU News, Mark Mueller had recently opened up about the time when he sat down to write the theme song to "DuckTales." At the time, he was a struggling songwriter who was living in Los Angeles, and he had no idea that the catchy theme song would change his entire life.

He stated that whenever he goes people would ask him what kind of songs he had worked on and while he has claimed people will hardly ever know his pop songs that everyone recognized the "Ducksongs" theme tune. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he explained that the song took him about forty-five minutes to write.

Mark Mueller stated that at the time, he was paid a huge sum of $1250 and there was no confirmation that Disney was even going to go with his song for the theme tune. Miller was beyond excited when he heard the song playing as the catchy tune and stated that it was amazing to hear it on the TV and the radio.

'DuckTales' is to return with a one-hour movie

According to Vanity Fair, "DuckTales" is to go back to television for the first time in thirty long years in a one-hour feature length movie.

It has been confirmed that the movie will be titled "Woo-oo" and Disney have already started advertising for the return of the series. Members of the "Duck Tales" cast will be returning to the movie such as Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and David Tennant.

Disney has released a video on the streaming platform YouTube in which the "DuckTales" theme song is sung in several different styles from a soulful bedroom performance to on solo electric guitar and acapella.

This proves that Mark Mueller's catchy tune will never truly go out of date and the songwriter was delighted to see that the video had over 5 million times in total.

"DuckTales" has thousands of fans from all over the world as it was streamed in one hundred different countries and was aired in a total of twenty-five different languages.

The only country where the theme tune was different was in Korea, which was performed by children.

Fans of the original "DuckTales" cannot wait to see what Disney have in store for the movie, and Mark Mueller is shocked that people still remember the theme song after all this time.