Lydia Mclaughlin decided to return to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" this season, and she is not disappointing thus far. Fans of the show were a bit concerned about her return, as she had previously filmed the show and had previously not been very dramatic. During her time on the show, Lydia explained that she didn't like how the women were yelling at one another and she preferred just to hang out and have fun.

While McLaughlin believes that the show should be fun exciting, she is not afraid to use her voice and speak out about things that matter to her.

In other words, Lydia is not disappointing on this season of "The Real Housewives of orange county."

Doug wants a baby girl

Doug McLaughlin has been featured on the previous season of the show, as they were working on the magazine together, along with a couple of investors. Doug and Lydia decided to go out on their own with a new magazine for men, and they brought all of the experience they have in this new magazine.

As it turns out, they seem to be doing quite well, as they decided to have a third son during Lydia's hiatus from the show. But Doug always wanted a little girl. One has to wonder if Lydia would want to try for a fourth child in hopes of having a Baby Girl. It is quite possible that she may not get her baby girl, as she couldn't imagine having four children.

"Aspen is seriously the happiest baby. She is so full of joy, and I couldn't be happier for Meghan and Jim. Of course, I was anticipating Tamra and Vicki speaking and seeing each other for the first time. There wasn't a hug, but I still have hope for their friendship to be restored," Lydia explains in her blog about how adorable Aspen is.

Can Aspen convince Lydia?

Even though Doug McLaughlin is more than ready to try for another baby, Lydia may need some convincing. Meghan's daughter Aspen may be motivation for her to get excited about the possibility of having a baby girl. On this week's episode of the show, Lydia reveals that the adorable little girl is enjoyable to be around and she's very excited for her co-stars.

Lydia also explains that Aspen is the most joyous baby and she's constantly happy, which is very contagious. Perhaps, Doug will encourage his wife to hang out with Meghan more, so she can get some baby fever. But Lydia has hinted that she's done having children, three children are more than enough to keep her busy, and she has revealed that having four kids would result in her not being able to work. Doug may need some stronger arguments than just a cute baby to get what he wants.

What do you think about Lydia McLaughlin's comments about Aspen? Do you think they should have another baby together, as Doug wants a baby girl?