No doubt “Star Trek” fans will be pleased to hear the latest Trekkie news. It seems it was only logical that Leonard Nimoy’s television director son, Adam Nimoy, should end up getting together with Terry Farrell, 53, the actress who played Jadzia Dax in the spinoff “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

‘Star Trek’ royalty to tie the knot

It was Scott Mantz, film critic and fellow Trekkie that first made the news public via Twitter on Friday, by announcing the engagement of Farrell and Nimoy and referring to them as “Star Trek” royalty. Mantz went on to wish that their love and union LLAP (live long and prosper for those not familiar with “Trekkie” talk).

He also included a heart and a Vulcan salute emoji for appropriate good measure.

One Twitter user couldn’t resist responding by asking if he was serious, and making sure it was not “fake news,” asking did he realize the baby would be “1/16 Vulcan.” At that point Farrell herself responded to confirm the engagement, saying yes, the announcement was for real.

So it’s officially confirmed. As reported by E!News, Nimoy, 60, who has a son and daughter with his former wife, will be teaming up with Farrell, star of the 90s “Star Trek” spinoff, who also has a son from her previous marriage.

Adam Nimoy and ‘For the Love of Spock’

Back in 2016, Adam announced he was working on a documentary film about his father, Leonard Nimoy – best known as Mr. Spock, the highly logical half-human and half-Vulcan character that Trekkies all over the world have loved since the late 60s. Adam and Leonard worked together on the documentary, which ended up with the title “For the Love of Spock,” in September 2014, but regrettably, Leonard died just a few months later at the age of 83 on February 27, 2015, after suffering for a long time with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

As noted by People, Adam said that originally the documentary was to relate the story of Spock – from start to finish – to celebrate “Star Trek’s” 50th anniversary in September last year.

However after the death of his father, he said there was such an outpouring of grief and emotion from his fans, the documentary then had to also be about his father himself. He then decided to continue with a documentary that also outlined his famous dad’s life.

Incidentally, Adam was also behind a couple of episodes of the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and he and Farrell were also spotted together at the “Star Trek” convention in Las Vegas earlier this month. May they Live Long and Prosper indeed.