Tom Cruise, the American actor best known for the "Mission Impossible" movie series, has been injured while filming "Mission Impossible 6". The 55-year-old is said to have broken his ankle while filming a stunt in London. The actor is one who is known for always wanting to perform his own stunts. Now, it seems as though filming will be put on hold for a bit as Cruise recovers.

'Mission Impossible 6'

According to the Guardian, "Mission Impossible 6" is scheduled to be released on 27 July 2018. Paramount Pictures has confirmed Cruise's injury but have informed the press that the injury will have no effect on the film's release date.

The filming for the movie was supposed to be finished by October this year but Cruise's injury will undoubtedly affect the filming time. Paramount Pictures have announced that they will be taking a break from filming to allow Cruise to recover from his injury. According to CNN, such a recovery could take up to 3 months.

This is, of course, a bit of a problem for all the actors in the movie. Many of them, such as Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson, are meant to start working on other projects later this year. Even Cruise himself is set to start working on the next "Top Gun" movie later this year.

The actor's injury

Tom Cruise was filming a scene in London when he hurt himself. In the scene, Cruise is seen jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

His final stunt is meant to be him crashing into the wall of the building as he runs. According to Director Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise performed the stunt several times before injuring himself. On his final attempt, Cruise hit the building at the wrong angle and broke his ankle. According to the Guardian, Cruise initially tried to limp off set by himself.

However, the actor collapsed from the pain and crew members came rushing to his aid.

According to CNN, Cruise has released a statement, thanking his fans for their support and reassuring them that he is fine. The "Mission Impossible 6" director, McQuarrie, also sent a tweet on Wednesday saying that the star is currently on the mend.

Just a few days after Cruise injured himself on set, tragedy struck on the set of "Deadpool 2". A female stunt driver was tragically killed when she accidentally crashed her motorcycle through a window while filming. Let's hope that the sets get a lot safer and that no further injuries occur! Our thoughts go out to Cruise as he recovers and we look forward to his upcoming works.