Leah Remini reveals Scientology urged her to convince "King of Queens" co-star Kevin James to join the sect. According to the former Scientologist, she never considered asking her co-star to turn to Scientology. She also mentioned that as a Catholic, Kevin James will never be interested in the church. Despite Remini's reluctance, they continued to ask and tried to convince her to get James to join the organization.

Why she never asked Kevin James

In her interview with PEOPLE, Remini said: "They always tried to get me to, [asking] ‘Why is he not in?

Why have you not promoted it to him?’ I was like, ‘Because he’s Catholic. He doesn’t want anything to do with it." She further added that the organization would stop inquiring for a period of time, but would eventually persuade her to give it another try.

The outspoken actress left Scientology in 2013 when she slowly realized, she was seeing something wrong about the organization. Citing shady business dealings, secretive teachings and abuses she decides to cut her connection and became one of the sect's controversial critics. According to Remini's sister Nicole Remini-Wiskow, her sister always fights for what she believes in. "Leah is saying ‘I’m seeing things are wrong," as her reason for leaving.

Leah Remini and Scientology

In a report by the Business Insider, Remini revealed that anyone who has joined Scientology has their own folder that contains everything and anything you say. The church declined to comment on Remini's exposure but implied the actress is trying to profit from exposing false statement against the church.

A Scientology spokesperson came to the church's defense saying, Remini is the attacker. Apparently, the church believes she carefully planned the attack in order to create something that brings the public's sympathy on her side. Remini, on the other hand, is thankful that her family followed suit, unlike others where some family remained members and were eventually torn apart by the church's division.

A&E's Emmy nominated docu-series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" is in its second season further discussing the alleged abuses by the church. Remini has since revealed that Scientology even bullied the team behind A&E's documentary. She dares the church to come after her because she thinks, their dirty tricks are becoming more apparent. Remini is confident that the more the church tries to assault her, the more they will get exposed.