Leah Messer attended the VMAs last night and it sounds like fans were excited to see her on the red carpet. Leah is one of the more private stars of "Teen Mom 2" and she rarely opens up about her life outside of the spotlight. One can imagine she wants to protect her three daughters as they continue to grow up in the spotlight. But many fans may also have been looking at her stomach, as she has faced some pregnancy rumors over the past couple of weeks.

Many new reports suggest that Leah may be pregnant, as she has been talking about morning sickness and pregnancy.

On Twitter, Messer gave some pregnancy advice to some of her fans and she opened up about how she dealt with the morning sickness during her pregnancy with the twins. The reports suggested that she could be with child, even though she keeps denying the rumors.

Not interested in having babies

She has publicly said that she's done having children, and she is not interested in any new boyfriend. Leah has revealed she’s exhausted and she doesn’t want a newborn baby on her plate. In fact, Leah has a very strong message for anyone wishing to enter her life these days. Even though Leah Messer has revealed that she is not currently dating, one can imagine that she is open to a newborn if the right man comes along.

On social media, Leah revealed that she wants someone who can take action, not just say the words.

"Words are meaningless without action. Don't tell the world who you are. Live your standard! Whether anyone is looking or not, be authentically you! Let your character be even more impressive than your words. Be someone who exemplifies love, kindness, integrity, honesty, generosity, accountability, and goodness," Leah Messer wrote on social media.

Maybe she wants someone who can speak out and follow up with action rather than just saying a bunch of empty words that have no real meaning. Leah has been married twice and she may have heard that her husbands cared about her, but never really saw the action or the dedication behind the words. She may have needed or wanted more, which could be why the marriages failed.

Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy didn’t give her baby fever

As for pregnancy, it sounds like Leah is far from ready to have another baby. Even though her "Teen Mom 2" co-star Kailyn Lowry recently gave birth to a baby, it sounds like she has absolutely no interest in becoming a mother again and she has no interest in making it work with any of her ex-husbands. While Corey Simms is currently married, it sounds like Jeremy Calvert is trying to figure out whether or not he is engaged to Brooke Wehr. However, she is able to co-parent with both of them and it sounds like they have a great relationship. One can imagine that another guy in the picture could ruin the great dynamic.

Are you surprised to see Leah Messer’s tweet about wanting to see action? Do you think she could have another baby on her own?