Reality star Kylie Jenner has been one of the most hot-topics among fans on social media and her most recent Snapchat post has made fans star buzzing again about her getting multiple surgeries. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has been exposed to wide media coverage since age nine when she started starring in her family’s reality show. Her social media posts are sponsored, where she earns thousands of dollars in every post she makes. Apparently, this is one of her favorites and the socialite seems happy with the attention she is getting from the media.

On July 23, the youngest of the Jenners posted a photo of her sporting a yellow bra with her breasts oozing out.

Did she get breast implants?

When Kylie Jenner posted her photo on Snapchat, fans were all over it. The socialite and entrepreneur bragged her iPhone case courtesy of her half-sister Kim Kardashian West’s Father’s Day Kimoji collection. She also wore her Cartier Love bracelet while she poses for a mirror selfie wearing lacy Lonely Lena bra. What’s more interesting is that her breasts are popping out all over the place, which prompted fans to believe that the reality star has had Breast Implants. “Holy fake boobs!! I was wondering when she going to really show them off,” a fan commented.

Her older 2016 photos seem to prove that she has gone under the knife although she has previously denied this.

Kylie Jenner previously said that she is open to plastic surgery but it is not her priority at this time although she has had temporary lip injections. However, people are not convinced enough that her beauty transformation is just normal.

Multiple fans and news outlets have shared side-by-side old and new photos of her that shows her breasts looking bigger than normal. She also has a Halloween photo where she was photographed wearing a red-and-white stripes bikini and her breasts looked normal. In her January 2017 photoshoot, she can be seen wearing a black bikini with her boobs looking big that their usual sizes.

When will she admit that she has gone under the knife?

Many people believe that Kylie Jenner went multiple surgeries that include her infamous curves, chin, butt, and eyes. Multiple plastic surgeons have also suggested that the reality star has gone under the knife. Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D., F.A.C.S. allegedly told Hollywood Life that the reality star may have had a boob implant in December 2016. Looking at the timeline, it seems possible.

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