Kit Haringtons biggest fangirl is probably Rose Leslie all along. Harington has been in a relationship with Rose Leslie since 2012, but it is hard to take the fans' eyes off of Harington and Emilia Clarke, who plays Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones.”

Kit Harington gets closer to Emilia Clarke in ‘Game of Thrones’

Seven years ago, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were added to the cast of the hit HBO show, "Game of Thrones," but now that it finally rose to prominence, it is great to watch every cast member still so close to each other.

Harington thinks that Clarke is a stunning and humorous woman while she admits that marrying Jon Snow is absolutely better than Jamie Lannister.

It is exciting now that their characters Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are getting closer and the director of the “Beyond the Wall” episode, Alan Taylor, assures fans that their romance is meant to happen from the beginning. In fact, chemistry is not something we should be worried about when it comes to these two.

Despite the jealousy reports thrown between Leslie and Harington, it seems like the couple is not affected by the negativity in their relationship at all. In fact, Leslie is reportedly good friends with Clarke.

Romance develops between the characters

But aside from the developing romance, it is hard to deny that the King of the North has some emotional issues of his own. If we recall everything that happened to him since Season 1, we can complete a list of unpleasant events. Even the 30-year-old actor agrees with it.

He also considered therapy for Snow that may help him recover from the horrors of his past but if a therapist will dig deeper, there is probably nothing to say since he barely talks about himself nor does he have any idea about his real family yet.

But he could definitely share stories about Ygritte and him in a cave and how episodes later, she had to die in his arms. Perhaps, talking about Robb Stark whom he idolized for being the best in the family and he never got to see him again when he was murdered in a wedding. Or it maybe stories about coming back to life after the betrayal of his own peers?

There must be something positive about Jon’s fate.

But the man still cares about Westeros and maybe saving it from the white walkers makes him less attached to the traumatic events of his life. Jon Snow might need some help from his loyal peers in the show, and fans are hoping his romance with the Mother of Dragons could help him get through.

Kit Harington stars in “Game of Thrones” together with Emilia Clarke.