Kim Kardashian is known for her exquisite selfies that grab a lot of attention on social media. The keeping up with the Kardashian star's popular selfies have now gotten her into trouble. Her company Kimsaprincess Inc, faces a patent infringement lawsuit filed in their name by Snaplight, which claims that Kim's company has wrongly stolen their idea.

The background of the story

The Snaplight company manufactures cell phone cases and one of them includes the cover case which has LED lights which are used for taking selfies because of its lights. However, Kardashian's LuMee Case's sells a similar product and Kim flaunts the cover case everywhere possible.

But alleging them of copying, Snaplight claims that it has been their idea and because of Kim's popularity, it has been extremely difficult for them to compete in the selfie case market. And they have suffered a major loss due to this.

The key reason for this is said to Kim's popularity on social media. The star has a crazy fan following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and she manages to boast her products on these platforms. Not only this, but the company has further blamed Kimsaprincess for bullying them. Snaplight further claims that LuMee started a slander campaign against LuMee them to malice their integrity. Its founder Bardia Rahim claims that it's illegal to capture the market and spread the monopoly, but also it is unethical at the same time.

Kim sued for $100 million

The reports state that Snaplight has pleaded in the court to pass an order in favor of the company, where Kimsaprincess should stop selling these LuMee cases immediately. Not only this, they are also demanding for $100 Million for the damage and the loss that the company had to bear. But however, Kim Kardashian's spokesperson has strictly denied these allegations and said that the lawsuit is not even valid.

As per the spokesperson, the lawsuit has no substance and is not credible enough. It is just an attempt to damage the reputation and Kim have not done anything wrong. In fact, LuMee has said that their company was the first phone to launch such products in the market. They also claim to have all copyrights, trademarks, and patents at a place for this product.

Taking the fight further ahead, LuMee has now decided to file a Patent Infringement Suit against Snaplight. Taking this entire case into consideration, Kim hasn't spoken anything about it and nor has she commented anything on the case filed against her.