Kim Kardashian has become the latest victim of a social media attack as Taylor Swift's fans have been getting their revenge against the celebrity. The feud between Swift and Kardashian has been ongoing since the 2009 MTV awards when Kanye West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech onstage. Since then the celebrities have had it out for one another and Swift have targeted Kim in her latest promotion for her new song.

Fans have been spamming Kim Kardashian's social media with snake emojis

According to Vulture, Taylor Swift has released promotion for her new song "Look" in which she refers to Kim Kardashian's rude humiliation of her at the 2009 MTV Awards.

Swift has included a series threatening images of snakes throughout her promotion and this has prompted fans to spam Kim's account with the snake emoji.

Taylor Swift included the snake images and depictions throughout her promotion as a reference to when Kim's fans attacked Swift online with the snake emojis. The attack on Taylor happened shortly after Kim released a recorded video of Swift's conversation with Kanye West in which Swift agrees to the lyrics West has chosen for his song "Famous." Swift had previously claimed that she never agreed to let West use these lyrics but Kim revealed the truth to the world.

Kim Kardashian's fans then took to social media and began to bombard Swift's social media accounts with the snake emoji.

Kim's fans were strongly insinuating that Taylor Swift was up to something and could not be trusted, however, it appears that as of late the tables have turned on Kim.

In a report by The Sun, it appears that Kim Kardashian led her fans in this attack on Taylor Swift as when she released the video of the phone call between Swift and West she tweeted out that Taylor was a snake.

She also was the first of the pair to use the snake emojis, which has since been turned against her.

Kim Kardashian has been unable to post anything all week without being trolled

According to The Sun, celebrity Kim Kardashian has not been able to post anything to her social media accounts without being trolled online by Taylor Swift's fans.

Every time that celebrity posts something to social media Swift's fans immediately begin to post the snake emoji beneath the comment.

This has caused Kim Kardashian to ban the use of the snake emoji throughout her social media however; this has only prompted fans to get more creative. They have begun posting the emoji of a dragon instead in an attempt to continue their attack on Kim.

Neither Kim Kardashian nor Taylor Swift has commented on the ongoing feud between them and fans are wondering how long the pair will keep their grudges alive for.