Kim Kardashian owns a phone company by the name of Kimisaprincess Inc. It has recently been confirmed that a fellow phone company Snaplight has filed the necessary documentation to sue Kim's company for both patent infringement and damages caused by the infringement. Kimisaprincess Inc. is due to lose over $100 Million in the lawsuit, however; Kim's representatives have stated that they will be fighting the lawsuit.

Snaplight sue Kim Kardashian's company

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a company by the name of Snaplight has come after Kim in a lawsuit surrounding patent infringement.

Kim Kardashian owns a company by the name of Kimsaprincess Inc, which has recently found itself at the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Snaplight have stated that the Kardashian's company has violated patent infringement laws by selling and advertising a phone cover called "LuMee." This phone case lights up and gives the user of the phone better lighting for taking photographs. However, Snaplight claims that they came up with the idea for the phone cover and that Kim Kardashian's company has stolen the idea.

According to the Daily Mail, a collaborator with Snaplight, Hooshmand Harooni sold his patent to the company back in the year 2013. Snaplight is now stating that they had the rights to the original patent and that Kimisaprincess Inc had no right to use a similar designed as was created by Harooni.

Kim's representatives have made a statement

According to the Daily Mail, a representative for Kim Kardashian has made a statement about the lawsuit. They have stated that the claims made by Snaplight are entirely unfounded and that they have no foundation for a lawsuit. Celebrity Kim Kardashian has not commented on the lawsuit, which is due to cost her, company $100 million.

According to Fox, not only is Snaplight trying to get the Kardashian's company to stop selling the light up phone case but they are also asking the celebrity to cease promotion of her production. Kim Kardashian has been promoting products from her company for years on social media and this has had a huge impact on sales as she has millions of followers.

Snaplight have released a statement claiming that the Kardashian's continuous promotion of the light up phone case has severely affected their sales of the original patent. They have claimed to have lost millions of dollars due to the star promotion of her company's product and are suing for damages caused as a consequence of the patent infringement.

There have been no further comments about the lawsuit and Kim Kardashian herself has yet to release a statement about the situation. It seems likely that Kim's company will end up losing the court case if it goes as far as the courts.