Kelly Bensimon was once one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of New York" when the show was doing very well. The show's biggest success was during the third season when the cast members became divided over Kelly's feud with Bethenny Frankel. While the ladies thought that Kelly had suffered a breakdown during a cast trip, Bensimon saw it as a breakthrough. She decided to return to the show the following season, as Bethenny was no longer a part of the original cast, as she had gained her own spin-off show. Despite not being on the show anymore, Kelly often tweets about the show and about her experiences in the public eye.

While she doesn't regret the experience, it sounds like she may have some minor regrets in how things were handled.

One of the things she's now preaching about is self-worth. While filming "The Real Housewives of New York," Kelly Bensimon talked about systematic bullying and how she felt about the way her co-stars were treating her. She struggled to see her own mistakes and flaws, but she had no problem calling out her co-stars. According to a new tweet, Kelly Bensimon is now revealing that she doesn't watch the show anymore, and she hints that there are Social Climbers and narcissists all over the cast this year.

Not a fan of the show

It makes sense that Kelly doesn't want to watch the show, as it may remind her of a bad time.

In addition, Bethenny Frankel is back on the show and these two did not get along while filming. When a fan asked Bensimon about watching the show, she revealed that she only judges what she sees in real life about her former co-stars. It sounds like the social climber comment may refer to people who are often in the tabloids.

Social climbers? Who is she talking about?

It is possible that she's talking about Bethenny Frankel, even though Frankel is focused on growing her business.

She sold her massive business for $100 million and one can imagine that many of her "Real Housewives of New York" co-stars were jealous of her success. While Kelly may see Bethenny's networking as social climbing, it is also possible that she's talking about someone else. Tinsley Mortimer did join the show this season as a socialite and she did live with Sonja Morgan. But Kelly ends her tweet, saying that she does enjoy her friendship with Ramona Singer. It sounds like Singer is not a social climber or a narcissist in Bensimon's world.

What do you think about Kelly Bensimon's tweet? Are you surprised she doesn't watch "The Real Housewives of New York" these days?