Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her son about three weeks ago, and she's been enjoying her time with her newborn son at home. She's been nursing him every two hours, waking up with him at night, and remembering what it's like to be a mother to a newborn once again. And while everything appears to be going well with the new baby, little Baby Lo still doesn't have a name. Kailyn named the baby "Lo" as a short version of her last name, but the name is still what she uses to identify him. Lowry has yet to give him an official name.

Of course, Lowry has asked her "Teen Mom 2" fan base for advice for months as she prepared for the birth.

Kailyn has revealed that she wants something unique and original, but common enough for people to understand and recognize. However, she has yet to find a name and her time is running out. The baby cannot be nameless for much longer. Fans reminded her that she has 30 days to come up with a name, and the baby is almost a month old.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that the state of Delaware actually gives her 90 days to come up with a name. In other words, she's not in a rush to find a name for her son.

She has time

Over the past couple of weeks, Lowry has been taking her time to find a name she likes. But she has yet to find one that truly works for her. Many people have come up with suggestions for her, revealing that she can name her son whatever she wants, but she hasn't fallen in love with any of the options.

Some fans think she should just name him Lo because she's been calling him that since the birth. But, as she pointed out on Twitter, she has time to figure it out.

Chris Lopez wants a say

Even though Chris Lopez is the biological father, Kailyn Lowry has revealed that he doesn't want to play a role in the child's life.

When she got pregnant, she revealed that he didn't want to be a part of "Teen Mom 2," and he didn't want to be a father to the child. She would be doing everything on her own, including raising the child. But when Lowry suggested naming the baby Milo, Chris revealed that he didn't like it. He didn't want the baby to be named Milo, and Lowry reveals that he's playing a bigger role than expected.

Perhaps he does want to be in the child's life, even though he didn't want to get involved in the beginning. Maybe he's realizing that it is a wonderful thing to become a father.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet that she has 90 days to find a name for her baby? Do you think she has a few options in mind for him?