Last Sunday, HBO aired the final episode of 'Game of Thrones' season 7. Let's assume that the dust has settled down and the epicness of the seventh episode is now fully absorbed into your system. Despite having a flurry of epic scenes, the episode "The Dragon and The Wolf" didn't deliver any closure. The land of Westeros has remained in this rotten stage filled up with unlikely alliances while the betrayal wind is still blowing from all directions. Jon Snow's efforts to put an end to a gruelling war were reduced to nothing by Cersei Lannister's duplicity and immoral ambitions.

Her behavior had a powerful effect on her twin brother. Their once strong relationship has no common ground anymore with Jaime feeling pushed away by his sister's strategy to regain control over Westeros. Cersei Lannister and her brother Tyrion had a private chat that has caused a wave of debate weighing the possibility that Tyrion betrayed Daenerys Targaryen.

Is Winterfell the first to fall under The Night King's army?

The ending scene delivered a possible hint of how Season 8 might begin. Using a reanimated dead dragon, The Night King used Viserion's blaze of ice to tear down a huge part of the wall. Thus, the episode ends with the Army of the Dead marching through the wall into Westeros' northern limits.

Geographically speaking, Winterfell will be the first fortress that will stand up. It'll be interesting to watch how House Stark will handle the danger. Moreover, with Sansa and Arya back on good terms and Littlefinger out of the picture, House Stark will face the ultimate test when the White Walkers will emerge from the blizzard.

Marching to the North, Jon Snow, Daenerys and all other involved in the defense of the Realm will transform Winterfell into a gathering pit of a historic alliance of the livings opposing the Dead. The next season is likely to split its narrative core into two different pieces. The first one will follow Winterfell while a second thread may follow Cersei's endeavour to reconquer Westeros from the South ignoring the bigger threat from the North.

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow

Now that Jon Snow's real identity has been revealed, the Iron Throne seems to have another rightful heir. Since she has tasted power first, Daenerys Targaryen went through a major transformation. But, it's what power does, it transforms whoever it touches. Moreover, she and Jon Snow had their little erotic moment on that ship. It was a highly-anticipated scene but with Jon Snow also a Targaryen, it'll produce even more complications and conflicts. Daenerys' powerful ego will have to cope with the new situation that puts her in an awkward position given the fact that Jon Snow has already pledged an oath to her.