Justin Bieber is a teen sensation and has an immense fan base. The 23-year-old singer debuted in the music industry with his song 'Baby' and became a sensation overnight. Recently, the 'Sorry' Hit Maker Justin was on a Purpose World Tour and was performing possibly everywhere in the world. But he abruptly called off the last 14 dates of his concert. The reason for this was unknown but now Justin has spoken for himself and he has finally addressed the reason behind his tour cancellation, relating the reason to sustainability. Justine recently came in news for his tour in India, he is criticized for several reasons.

Justin Bieber canceled his extensive world tour

Justin's fan was shocked when the singer had canceled his final 14 dates of his extensive world tour. Justin took the Instagram as a medium to communicate with his fans the reason behind the cancellation. In his post, Justin mentioned that he is grateful for his journey with his fans and is also grateful for the support, he has gotten over the years. The note also read that learning and growing haven't been easy for him, but he has managed to let his insecurities get the best of him at times. In his extensive post-Justin also spoke about his dreadful relationships and his behaviors towards the people. As per him, he let the bitterness, jealousy and the fear run his life.

He also mentions that is blessed to have people in his life who helped him to build his character and reminded him of who he is and what he wants from life.

No one can ever be perfect, Justin Bieber says

Speaking about his mistakes, Justin said that he is never going to be perfect and no one can ever be perfect. In future, he wants to be a man that learns from his mistake and becomes a better person by accepting them.

Justin spoke about the tour and mentioned that it was an unbelievable experience for him and he will also always cherish such moments. Justin ended his note by giving out the most crucial information in the end. At the end of the note, the 'Boyfriend' hit maker mentioned that he is taking some time away to work on some better things by making his heart, mind, and soul more sustainable.

He wants his career to be sustainable and also wants to be the man he wants to. And in future, the father that he wants to be. This explanation from Justin is very serious, but the main reason, however, is unsaid. Hope everything will go fine with him. Stay tuned for more entertainment news.