J.K Rowling is an internationally recognized author of the "Harry Potter" books which have a global cult following. Rowling has recently made it to the top of the list of the highest paid actors around the world and has made over 95 million in 2017 alone. The author is due to earn even more money as she releases two new "Harry Potter" books later this year.

Rowling has earned over 95 million in 2017

According to Forbes, author of the "Harry Potter" series J.K Rowling has earned over 95 million in only the year 2017 alone. The author recently saw the release of the new movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" in theaters which brought crowds of "Harry Potter" fans to see the latest installment of the franchise.

This is the first time that J.K Rowling has topped the highest paid authors list in about a decade and fans are delighted for their favorite author. The 20Th Anniversary of the "Harry Potter" novels added to the authors pocket as her publisher Bloomsbury released special edition covers of the novels including novels about each of the houses in Hogwarts.

Fans of "Harry Potter" simply cannot get enough of the franchise and books were sold out nearly as quickly as they came into the store. According to The Guardian, J.K Rowling's play about Harry Potter's son titled "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child" has also been bringing in thousands for the author as fans arrived in their masses to see the two-part stage play.

Half of the list are women

According to Digital Spy, half of the list of the highest paid authors are women, which marks a significant improvement in the view of female authors. The fact that J.K Rowling has topped the list for the second time in her career is simply the cherry on top. Rowling has expressed her advocacy in feminism in the past and through the character of Hermione created an inspirational, strong female character for young children.

J.K Rowling has beat several other famous authors to the top of the highest paid author list including the likes of Dan Browne and Steven King. Rowling will be getting another cash injection come October of this year when she releases two new "Harry Potter" novels titled "A Book of Exhibition" and "A Journey Through the History of Magic."

These books will give fans a more in-depth look into the life of Hogwarts students as it explores their subjects, history, and creatures of the wizarding world.

They are due to be released this coming October in 2017 alongside with a "Harry Potter Exhibition" which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first novel.

J.K Rowling has not made a comment about her status as the highest paid author in the world. Fans of Rowling are delighted for her success and are extremely excited at what the author will release next.