‘Counting On’ star Jill Duggar and her husband derick dillard were accused of mooching because of the donations that they received from friends and fans. It has been known that the couple who have been to the mission field was disqualified as missionaries because they lack the relevant training required by the International Missions Board.

Jill Duggar and her husband were disqualified for missionary work

The Southern Baptist Convention also turned them down which means that if they continue doing mission work in El Salvador, they have to shoulder all their expenses.

Supporters of the couple pledged donations as the couple placed information on their website that they are accepting donations.

In the Christian circle, missionaries are sent off and supported especially if they work in another country. Donations are given to support the evangelistic works of the missionary. But donations are voluntary, only those who are touched by God to give are giving not just monetary donations but also material things that may be needed.

Donating means partnering with the missionaries in their endeavors. If the Dillards receive donations, it is fine and morally right. For Christians love gifts of any form or donations are natural kinds of blessings that can be enjoyed by the recipient.

They are not forced but are given with love.

In the church, members pay their tithe regularly (computed as 10 percent of all their income) and added to it is their offerings which are used to finance church activities. Donating is a way of life for the Christian believers. They believe that if they freely give, they will freely receive.

'Counting On' couple accused of mooching money for missions

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been accused of extracting money from their supporters in the guise of mission work as reported by Cafe Mom. This could be unfair for the couple who have to leave the comforts of their home to live in another country (in the case of the Dillard’s, they have to sacrifice their way of life).

As per Inquisitr, TLC was also accused of financing the missionaries for ratings as they lives are being monitored and recorded to be aired on “Counting On.” The reality stars went to the mission field without support from any organization. Accepting donations is not a crime or misdemeanor that should be counted against them.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard could be considered as sacrificial, loving, and Godly because they have to give up what should be a comfortable life to embrace the life of lack, hardship, and danger.