Jenelle Evans has constantly fought for her Son Jace and is desperate to get him back. However, her own mother doesn't want to sign the papers to give Jenelle her son back, even though this was the agreement from the beginning.

While she was just trying to help out her daughter in the beginning, Evans is now learning that her mother is keeping Jace against her, so she can continue to film the drama for "Teen Mom 2." As long as Barbara has custody over Jace, there's a pay check for her at MTV.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans reveals things are getting very heated between herself and her mother.

Jace recently celebrated a birthday and Barbara decided to have a party for her grandson. While this is an admirable move, she chose not to invite Jenelle. It seems like a bad move, but Evans reveals that while she's not hurt or surprised by this move, her son Jace was hurt.

Barbara didn't invite her own daughter

It sounds like Barbara just wants to hurt her own daughter by not inviting her to the party. Sadly, she isn't thinking about the boy who is caught in the middle. This was something that was brought up at the recent custody hearing in court, as the judge told her that she couldn't keep Jace from Jenelle Evans. She needed to make sure that Evans got time with her son, as the goal was to bring them back together.

Perhaps Jenelle had a feeling this would happen. While they do somewhat speak on "Teen Mom 2" these days, it sounds like things are indeed a bit tense between them in real life.

The show was filmed months ago and they may not be on good terms these days.

Drama due to MTV money?

Last season, Jenelle Evans and David Eason claimed that Barbara was just using Jace to make money from MTV. As long as she had Jace in her care, there would be a storyline for the show. That means that there would always be a pay check to get from MTV.

If Jenelle gets Jace back in her care, she would cut off her mother and there's a chance her paycheck could be cut from the show. This is something she doesn't want to do, which is why she's keeping Jace, according to Jenelle.

If this is indeed the truth, it is sad to think that Barbara would use a child as a pawn to get more money. She's hurting both her own grandson and her daughter in the process.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans' claims that she wasn't invited to her own son's birthday party? Why do you think Jenelle's mother decided to skip out on an invitation to Evans and David?