Less than 24 hours after a White Nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia turned into a riot, First Daughter and special assistant to the president Ivanka Trump decided to speak out on social media. As expected, Ivanka's response was met with heavy backlash.

Ivanka on Twitter

It was known as the "Unite the Right" rally where hundreds of white nationalists took to the streets in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday to promote their controversial and racist views, with many expressing support for President Donald Trump. Not long after the event kicked off, counter-protesters clashed with rally organizers supporters, as the evening quickly spiraled out of control.

During the chaos, 20-year-old James Alex Fields plowed his car into a crowd of protesters, which resulted in nearly 30 people being injured, while also killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer. Fields, who has a well-documented history of racist views, has since been taken into custody. In response, the president gave his thoughts, but has been criticized for being too vague and not condemning white nationalism. Also commenting was Ivanka Trump who did so during a pair of tweets on August 13.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday was Ivanka Trump who spoke out against the violence the previous day in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy & neo-nazis," Ivanka tweeted out.

In a follow up post on her social media account, Ivanka Trump called for unity among the American people.

"We must all come together as Americans...and be one country UNITED," she tweeted, while using the hashtag "#Charlottesville." Ivanka has been known to be uncontroversial, unlike her father, in her remarks on various issues, but that hasn't stopped those on the other side of the political spectrum from speaking out against her and the president.

Twitter reacts

Within minutes of Ivanka Trump's tweets being made sent out, critics of the administration quickly took the opportunity to sound off. "Dear Ivanka, 1) Please tell your dad & his close advisers. 2) The world & the American people need to hear this from @POTUS, not you," Alice Stollmeyer tweeted out.

"Thank you, Ivanka.

Now, why is it so difficult for @realDonaldTrump to say the exact same thing," one Twitter user added. "That's your base. Like it or not, that's who supports you and your dad," an additional Tweet noted. "No one has faith in you anymore to stop this. So maybe you should search your soul and surprise us," author Andrea Chalupa wrote.

"That's nice, @IvankaTrump.

Now, convince your DAD to post a similar tweet - or even better, SAY the words on camera. He's POTUS - not you!!" Jon Cooper pointed out. "Like ur dad and his dad, god u r a disappointment Ivanka," actress Rosie O'Donnell wrote in return. As the negative reaction continued to pour it, it was made clear that the bad blood between the political left and right was only going to continue.