Brandi Glanville made some outrageous accusations when she entered the "Celebrity Big Brother" house in the UK this month to compete on national television. On the show, she has talked about her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, and his wife. In her accusations and statements, Brandi has hinted that she strongly believes that LeAnn and Eddie will soon divorce and that their marriage is essentially doomed.

It isn't known what Brandi is basing her accusations on, but Rimes has now tweeted things about her family and it sounds like the accusations are far from true.

This week, LeAnn Rimes tweeted that there's nothing more wonderful than the sounds of snoring coming from her loved ones. One can imagine that she's talking about her husband Eddie, and his two children Jake and Mason. Of course, Leann Rimes is the stepmother to these boys and she often calls "her boys" which is a huge annoyance to Brandi.

Are they splitting up?

It sounds like a divorce is not exactly something that LeAnn and Eddie are planning these days as she is talking about how she loves hearing her loved ones sleep. It almost sounds like a dig at Brandi, as LeAnn is calling Glanville’s ex-husband and two sons “loved ones.” Perhaps this is a subtle way of letting Glanville know that she's not divorcing her husband and that Brandi’s children are indeed still her family whether she likes it or not.

Things may still be tense from earlier this year

It was just a few weeks ago that Brandi made some crazy accusations, stating that LeAnn stalked her on her Snapchat account and showed up at the restaurant she was at with her two boys.

It seemed like an outrageous accusation but Brandi was convinced that LeAnn was trying to hurt her. Rimes had seen where Brandi would be hanging out on SnapChat, and she showed up at the restaurant with Brandi’s sons, as if to taunt her.

Glanville issued a public statement, saying that things had gotten to be too much and LeAnn was taking things too far.

Eddie stepped in and took his wife's side, calling his ex-wife unstable. Perhaps Brandi had enough of everything and decided to call him out on "Celebrity Big Brother," as the show has a massive international audience. Maybe she thought it would be a sweet revenge for him not supporting her as the mother of their children.

LeAnn has yet to respond to Brandi's accusations in the media.

Why do you think Brandi Glanville would make such an accusation given LeAnn is the stepmother to her children?